Psychology and me 

Those of you who follow me via from hell to  eternity,  know most of this already,  I started my blog in Jan 2015 as a method of recognising my anxieties, and avoiding the impending black dog, depression.

The initial steps I took were to read the chimp paradox by Dr Stephen Peters and follow the brilliant Emma Triplett who’s book Stepping out of the clouds I’m still reading. Between the 2 I released the old positive me however as a result I became curious about psychology and sociology. 

Sociology opened my mind to realms of the bourgeoisie, petit-bourgeoisie,prolateriat and lumpen-proletariat and the benefits and pit falls of many of my social attitudes. 
Both Emma and the chimp paradox opened my mind to the power of a positive mind. I cannot explain how powerful a positive statement is, something as simple as “I can” or “I will” as opposed to the more negative statements and excuses I could come up with. 

As I blogged Emma pointed out that my face was changing, I was smiling more, which I always used too. 

I learned strategies to deal with things, and how to quiet my chimp,  without arm wrestling him. 

But all this peaked my interest if I could do this for myself, could I actually do it as a career and with some of my other experiences I believe I can if I learn the way. 


Author: surman1972

born 1972 this is my continuing journey to avoid depression and steps into a growing interest in sociology and psychology

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