Music and social media 

I heard Billy brag give a possible reason for the fact that pop music or especially to know is no longer a political media, the emergence of social media. 

When I look back at pink Floyd, genesis, Queen, Duran Duran and most of the Simon Cowell music music was, like Billy said, the only vent they and the teenagers of the day had to rebel against the bourgeoisie. 

We don’t need no education, a great rebellious line, u2 Sunday bloody Sunday I can think of so many songs and lines that meant something to the world. 

So maybe I’m wrong and Mr Cowell has not ruined music irrecoverably but the teenagers of today have their own vent, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc etc. 


Author: surman1972

born 1972 this is my continuing journey to avoid depression and steps into a growing interest in sociology and psychology

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