Male dominant society 

My discovery of sociology has opened my eyes to the male dominance of the world and society. 

RELIGION all religions I’m aware of, have a male deity, why? Is it because males wrote the literature.
HISTORIC as recently as the 1970s the father was the head of the household, and it took the suffragette movement to get women the vote. I’m not sure when women were first allowed to stand as Mps. 

THE MALE of the species is physically stronger we had to be, as hunter gatherers we had to bring home the food.  

STEREOTYPES if I say nurse or childminder or even primary school teacher what image comes into your head. Now let’s try firefighter or soldier. 

Instinct says that we protect, but who from I know I’m stereotyping here but we are the rapists, we are, in most cases the abusers. In most societal arenas I believe it’s the women who protect the household as well as hold down a job, as society now requires, as the bills rise.

I’m going to avoid offering functionalist, conflict theorists or symbolic interaction comments as I’m only beginning to learn more about this, however I invite comment and debate so that I can continue to learn .


Author: surman1972

born 1972 this is my continuing journey to avoid depression and steps into a growing interest in sociology and psychology

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