Computer run human 

OK I quote the chimp paradox a lot and I’m a fan. 

I was reading a chapter of Emma Triplett stepping out of the clouds 

When I remembered an exercise that shows how fast your brain operates at a subconscious level. 

Next time your driving (safely mind) think thru everything you do,  

  1. I’m coming to a junction 
  2. Slow down 
  3. Indicate 
  4. Check left 
  5. Check right 
  6. It’s clear

I have done this as a real exercise for a training program and it’s amazing to realise your brain has done the  6 steps I’ve just detailed in less than a second. 

It works with anything you do second nature,  you don’t even think, you just do it, the sub routines (to use computer language) are embedded in your brains subconscious memory. 


Author: surman1972

born 1972 this is my continuing journey to avoid depression and steps into a growing interest in sociology and psychology

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