From the age of 5 maybe 6 I was learning to explore, in walks with my family and the dogs, to learning to ride my bike, by scooting along the kerb and eventually just putting my feet on the pedals. I got filthy,I recall getting a black eye during a mud fight,from an undiscovered stone. 

Getting stuck in unguarded wet concrete,which thankfully a family friend rescued me from. 

I remember my first space invader game, and a racing game given to me by my uncle, at first I thought they were ace, but my mind was thinking, it’d be great if you could be totally involved in the gaming experience.  

But now children have what I thought I wanted, total interaction, they can literally be Lionel Messi on the ball scoring the most amazing goal,or a soldier or James Bond and the child in me enjoys it 2, but children today don’t get the concept or enjoyment of going into the fields, building dens, and mum saying “make sure you’re home before the suns gone!” If you weren’t you’d be grounded next day. (I know we’re more aware of the darker side if life) 

And children have access to the Internet, unguarded a dangerous thing,  with being able to see whatever Google brings up. Things children shouldn’t be aware of, and putting expectation and pressure on our young girls, to be the right size, to avoid, not to avoid, what to wear to say your whatever. 

I covered social media in a post yesterday, but the darkest side of social media even reveals how to commit suicide so as I say do you leave your children’s access unguarded?