The goggle box 

In reading Emma Tripplet’s new book Stepping out of the clouds I realise I’ve unconsciously cut down my time in front of the TV.  

OK it wakes me up, but within minutes I’m out of bed, making my coffee, and getting the dog’s dinner check social media and other apps, then out with Stella. 

15 to 20 minutes and I’m back home making our pack ups, then unless I’m aware of my working day, I’ll see lou off, have my breakfast. 

This is however where the change comes the old me would have turned on the TV probably Good morning Britain and then if I’m still home Jeremy kyle. 

The new me however Reads, or studies.

I’m. Slowly starting to do a little more housework and generally doing more so Emma is right, but it’s only in reading that chapter that made me realise that I’ve subconsciously halved my time in front of the TV 

Because of the nature of my job,effectively sat concentrating on the road ahead, I do listen to the radio, in tge morning normally bbc radio 2 and Chris Evans followed by Ken Bruce then over to bbc radio 4 for a little news,and even the archers and the afternoon drama, however this is (in my opinion) a positive thing because I’m using my imagination. 

What do the characters in the archers look like, or in the afternoon drama. 

OK I do have my unmissable NCIS being one of them. But I’d rather be walking the dog or chatting to Lou or reading (factual not fiction) 

In writing this I also realise that I’m getting more and more positive,  and what I can do rather than what I cannot.