A diverse wonderful place 

Social media is evidence of the wonderful diversity of human nature. I’ve read so many colourful posts this morning, from a race to religion. From cats and dogs doing strange things, to the caring side of our nature.  From 3 word stories to the effects of illness.  

I wonder how Mark Zuckerberg really invisiged the creation he unleashed on the world. He surely cannot have for seen taking over the world, via the Internet.

Social media has real power, it has the power to save life, the speed at which it can get a society pulling together to find a missing child, for example. It has political power too, with the strength to organise protests in minutes, a quick tweet of a location, and cause and boom there’s a gathering growing as it moves. 

But like spiderman creator stan Lee wrote with great power comes great responsibility. Because social media has the power your profligate hate, and equally be the power based behind riots, such as the mass riots in Tottenham circa 2012. (I’ll avoid debating the rights and wrongs of its causes.) It has the power to recruit, which I’ve no doubt I don’t need to name the group that springs to mind.