With the help of Freud 

I have relayed this before but I shall once again for new reasons. 

For some years I’ve had a walking dream in which I am walking along a corridor, with glass on my left and a wall on my right. A shadowy figure ahead of me lights his lightsaber, responding likewise I rush to confront the figure, but as I am about to identify my for I waken. 

From curiosity of interpreting this I have begun reading Sigmund Freud’s interpretation of dreams in which he relates that a dream always relates to a previous days events also that the dream draws on influences in the dreamers own realm. 

So I must deduce the obvious reference to star wars as to my fandom of Star wars and the analogy of the corridor to a mash up of scenes presented in the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. 

So as it stands I ask myself 

  1. Am I Sith or Jedi 
  2. I wonder are both characters myself 

I think the relevance of being Sith or Jedi being my will of my intellect  (jedi) to overcome my emotions (sith) and therefore myself confronting myself. There for my assumption that I must confront myself or maybe trust my instincts, more. 

I have this dream since my teenage years and I am now 45, any other input with interpreting this would be gratefully received. 

And I shall add any further summisory notes as I learn